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About NFC

Founded in 1994, NFC Property Management offers mobile-home park owners and developers experienced mobile-home property management, brokerage, and repositioning within the State of Florida. From daily operations to maintenance compliance, our diverse team has over 40 years of combined property management to help with everything.

Our Services

Property Management


Mobile Home Park Repositioning

Property Management

Our property management team is highly professional, informed, and experienced. NFC Property Management for the mobile home industry has the strongest marketing programs in Florida, utilizing new techniques and adjusting to trends most-aligned with our clients’ interests. By choosing NFC, you’re ensuring that your mobile home property is rented safely and maintained accordingly.

A few of our key property management services

Rent Collection
Resident Services
24/7 Resident Support

Property Broker

NFC Property Management is a leader in brokerage services for the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area. While we’ve been tied to property management, our team over the years has grown to include highly experienced professionals with knowledge on the brokering side for land development and commercial redevelopment.

A few of our key brokerage services and features

Legal Writeup
Quick Turnaround
Superior Client Satisfaction


According to Prudential Financial, only 10 new mobile home parks have been built in the last two decades. And with 2-3% of those mobile home parks institutionally-owned, relocation has been on the uprise due to rising land value. NFC Property Management provides owners and investors relocation solutions for the resident population throughout the State of the Florida.

A few of our key property repositioning services

Relocate Anywhere
Quick & Efficient
Transportation Management
Competitively Priced

Get to Know the Owner

His name: Nick Ferraro. Nick is the Owner and Broker of NFC Property Management, LLC serving the Tampa Bay Region, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Bradenton. His extensive 40-year real estate career has made him highly valuable and active in the commercial, residential, and investment property space. Over the years, his company has successfully managed over 3,000 home sites and successfully transacted approximately 100 home sales annually.


In addition to his brokerage activities, Nick Ferraro is the Managing Member of NFC Property Management LLC., specializing in Association Management. NFC has been reforming Association Management since 1994, which services the needs of condominiums, co-operatives, and HOAs throughout the Tampa Bay Region. Nick’s company provides management and sales services to those communities that of which he exclusively manages.


Outside of his day-to-day activities with NFC, Mr. Ferraro has been active in his community by serving on the Knights of Columbus and the Planning Commission for the City of St. Petersburg. He was appointed to serve on the Pinellas County Mobile Home Task Force to study manufactured housing as a component to satisfy affordable housing for Pinellas County, and he served on the Board of Directors of the Florida Manufactured Housing Association (FMHA) becoming the recipient of the Bill Hart Award For Outstanding Leadership.

Contact Us

To inquire about our services, send us a message or give us a call. Be sure to include your specific needs!

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