NFC Real Estate Services, LLC - Tampa Bay Property Management
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About NFC

Founded in 1994, NFC Property Management offers community homeowner associations and developers experienced property management within the Tampa Bay region of Florida. From daily operations to statutory compliance, our diverse team has over 40 years of combined property management to help with all aspects including rule and regulation enforcement, collections, and asset preservation through an effective management/maintenance program.

Our Services

Asset Management

Property Management

Interim Management


Expert Witness

Court Appointed Receivership

Property Management

Our property management team is highly professional, informed, and experienced. NFC Property Management has the strongest customer relations and accounting programs, utilizing new techniques and adjusting to trends most-aligned with our clients’ requirements. By choosing NFC, you’re ensuring that your property is managed and maintained to the highest professional standards.

A few of our key property management services

Budget Forecast & Rent Collection
Resident Services
24/7 Resident Support

Manufactured Housing

NFC Property Management Division has over 20 years experience in all phases of the manufactured housing industry servicing the needs of both investor groups, as well as resident owners. Under our Dealer relationships we can provide sales services, for both new and resale homes in conjunction with property management services.


According to Prudential Financial, only 10 new mobile home parks have been built in the last two decades. And with 2-3% of those mobile home parks institutionally-owned, relocation has been on the uprise due to rising land value. NFC Property Management provides owners and investors relocation solutions for the resident population throughout the State of the Florida.

A few of our key property repositioning services

Relocate Anywhere
Quick & Efficient
Transportation Management
Competitively Priced

Resident Owned Communities

Most Conversions are structured as a Co-Op, in that a corporation is formed and the number of shares in the corporation equal the number of lots in the Community. The acquisition cost or sales price is based upon the property cost, closing costs and fees. Generally, a 99-year proprietary lease is formed which gives the Shareholders the benefits of real property in the eyes of the State, grating the Shareholder and interest deduction as well as Homestead Exemption (if the Shareholder qualifies and claims Florida as their primary domicile). In addition, the property is considered real property and therefore interest rates are priced more favorably than chattel mortgage interest rates.

Land Lease Communities

We have experience within traditional land-lease Manufactured Housing Communities too, with many assignments being with the age restricted 55+ housing sector. We like to consider this housing sector our specialty due to the compassion we have for that sector of the population.

Community Dealer Sales

In both types of Communities Over the years we have installed over 300 homes in various communities throughout the Tampa Bay Region and sold over a thousand resale homes within various communities. It takes a special talent to facilitate and coordinate a replacement manufactured home in an existing community, from a design standpoint and adapting the new home to current set-back requirements and building codes. The exterior features required by the new homeowner under the guidance of the Community regulations, is mandatory for a happy homeowner.


Investor Groups and Resident Owned Associations are well served through the depth of experience NFC brings to the Community and coupled with our Property Management Services.

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